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Hi Marty

You said " Regular people like us normally get “eaten up” by the proverbial sharks in the water. (corporations, invention submission companies, lawyers, etc)

We can not stand for this any longer; you feel this too, yes?


How do we deal with this? I understand from a video interview of Tom Bearden on the Sirius Disclosure project, that it can get quite dangerous to challenge the status quo.

How do I or anyone for that matter, publicize an invention or an existing patented idea, maybe by a video on You Tube, and additional write-ups showing how the laws of physics are not violated, without getting into trouble with the sharks?


Fear is an illusion.  Your mind creates this fear illusion based on a story you tell yourself about the future that might, or might not happen.  Most people let that self-created fear paralyze them from chasing their dreams.  Don’t get me wrong…fear is an illusion, but DANGER is very real.  And most every time that you challenge the status quo, danger is a possibility because the people that hold the power do not want to lose the power.  There is nothing you can do about that, other than forge on as planned and go public and make influential friends that believe what you believe.

That being said, there are a few things you need to do before you throw your information out into the world.  Make sure your science is sound.  Make sure that your research is triple-checked.  There is nothing worse than sharing a theory with the world, and it being de-bunked in 5 minutes due to a math error on your part.  Find people that have experience in the subject matter your idea is in, and ask them what they think.  Get their thought, opinion, help, research, validation, etc.  Have that BEFORE you go public.  So when a scientist from across the world sees your theory and wants to do a peer review, they also see the science and the validation behind it.

I hope this helps.  With all great and disruptive innovations, comes resistance.  Be ready for it with sound science.  If you can literally PROVE your science, your theory is accepted, validated and is the NEW status quo.  If I can help in any way, please let me know.

Best of luck!

Marty McCrea

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Commercialization of an idea is truly an art form and I'm really good at letting people borrow my paintbrush. Although, it's important to note that you are your own artist, I can't paint what you see in your mind, only you can do that. But I can help. I can answer questions about honing your idea and helping it to become more real in your mind, your research, and within your speaking. I can answer questions about market research, validation, and where to go to make your first contact. My expertise is in answering the large questions that you have into more manageable pieces. I can also assist you in finding the source of the data that you can use to prove and pitch your idea if that's the path that you're on.


In my opinion, the current way to invent is inherently flawed. Regular people like us normally get “eaten up” by the proverbial sharks in the water. (corporations, invention submission companies, lawyers, etc)

We can not stand for this any longer; you feel this too, yes?


I have helped people think and re-think their ideas for years. Nobel Prize Winner Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi once said that "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what no one has thought." I agree with this truth with all of my heart. Now let's talk about your question, your passion, and how I can help your idea gain momentum if it is ready. If your idea is not ready for the market yet, I'll help you determine how you can get ready.

Bachelors of Arts in Organizational Communication from the University of Northern Iowa Masters of Science in Technology Commercialization from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin

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