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Hello Penny,

I have contacted a company regarding licensing my product.  My original contact was great.  The first person I spoke to communicated well with me.  We communicated about the sell sheet. I answered questions regarding its comparison to other products. I sent samples. I answered more questions regarding the product. (It is patent pending.)  Now that my contact person has changed, communication is poor.  I was told they would be in contact with me regarding next steps by "the end of the week".  Weeks passed without a reply, so I inquired of their decision.  Then, I was told they would know in another month.  A month passed without a reply, so I inquired again.  This time there has been no response at all.  How should I proceed from here?  I am wondering why no response at all now... even "not interested".  I was told by someone to try to develop and maintain a good relationship with them, but how do I do that in this situation?



There's no EZ answer to your question except, for me, but to be blatantly direct:

One presumes you made a list of other potential licensees (especially those most directly competing with your contact company) whom you already know accept outside innovations? I'd have checked these out to see what their licensing activity is also.

Hopefully you FIRST received a signed NDA before you submitted anything.

For me, had I all my ducks in row, what you're experiencing would amount to ....."one BIG yawn followed by.......BIG DEAL"! I'd move on after a month and likely not wait for a month unless I received something from a company directly showing interest - not just promises.

Create or go down your list to their or the next competitors and so on. Since you're exposing it as you continue making contacts and since the product is only in patent pending, and since the US is now a "First to File" country and "design arounds" are the norm as I see it, I'd be hustling to find and connect to new contacts waiting for no one. If someone gets back to you a month or two or three from now.........all the better but waiting or keep calling indicates, to me, there are no other takers and you're hanginng your hat on a deadbeat who doesn't want to waste the time of day with you or any inventor.

Crack the whip mate. Don't sit, wait and hope. You need to summon the attitude H with them .......... as you get to making and connecting with new sources.

All the best,

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