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I have a great idea that combines two existing products to make life a lot better. Let's just say that I have come up with an idea that improves shoes. Because I'm not a shoe designer, perfecting my idea and building a prototype shoe would take me a long time. I would like to simply sell this idea to a company that specializes in my idea, such as, following my example, Adidas. How would I go about this?

Because I can't build a prototype, I'm not 100% sure if the process works.
Using another example, let's say that my idea is a time machine. This is a very good idea but because I'm not an expert on technology I won't be 100% that my process in building the time machine would work. I would like to sell this idea to any company and they will carry out the rest. My idea is not as farfetched as a time machine. it's in reasonable inventing limits but because I'm not an expert, it'd take me much more time to build it than pitch it to a group of experts who will carry out building the mechanics.

I havent heard of many examples where a company will fork out money for an idea... usually they are overloaded with new ideas and have many to pick from.  I'd develop your idea as best you can with the resources you have and get to know some of the players in this field. Try to line up with one of them, go to some trade shows & rub shoulders with them & see where things go.  

Inventing New Products/Inventions

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