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No Mr McCrea, this is not spam.

I want to make a plastic file with a mobile phone attached to it. Click on this link

and you would be directed to my blog site. You would find detailed information along with a slideshow presentation and a PDF paper on it.

Let me know whether this is a good invention. And if it is not, how I can improve.

Hi Chinthaka,

Thank you for clarifying that your message was not SPAM.  Here are my thoughts.

Not a bad solution to a problem, however there are many details that still need to be worked out and added to your presentation in a compelling way.

SIM: So each Fonder has a SIM card.  That will be expensive.  Think about a big company with lots of clients. Like a bank or mortgage company.  They have literally millions of clients.  That would mean that the company would have to not only buy millions of Fonder folders, they would also have to contract with their local cellular company and add millions of phone lines.  Have you factored in the average cost of a cell phone line into your cost analysis?  Do the Economies of Scale play into that number at all?  The switching costs present a significant barrier to entry for you.  

SIZE: Weight, security and logistics of actually storing the files.  They will be thicker than normal file folders.  That means a bigger storage space will be needed than what a company is currently using, this is barrier to adoption.  

BATTERY: How long does the battery last and what happens when a file runs out of battery?  Even though you state that it is the responsibility of the person who last had the file to make sure the battery is charged, there will still be people that don't pay attention to the battery level of the file or don’t care about the battery level of the file.  Another solution is to take out all human responsibility when it comes to charging.  What about having a charging station built into the file cabinet or room where the files are housed?  So then when the file is placed in the file cabinet, it's charging without any human interaction.  Then when the file is removed from the file cabinet, it is guaranteed to have a full charge.

NOISE: Noise disruption, if 20 people just happen to be looking for their documents at one time, all 20 folders will be ringing at once.  This might pose an unwanted noise disruption.  Will each folder have a different ringtone?  How will each of those 20 people know which ringtone to follow?  Even if each Fonder had a different ringtone, still…that's a lot of noise that is introduced into the workplace.  Is there another way?

COST: You say that Fonder is cheap, however you provide no real numbers to back up your claim.  The reader wants and NEEDS to know HOW cheap Fonder is.  Do a cost comparison Fonder vs RFID, Fonder vs Barcode, Fonder vs Bluetooth.  Use real numbers you gather from your research and interviews with RFID companies, barcode companies, etc.  

Overall Chinthaka, I think it’s a unique idea and solves the problem of lost files, however it might solve one problem while creating three more.  Try to refine your idea a bit more in the areas that I outlined here and you will be much closer to a final presentation.

Best of luck to you and to Fonder and Happy Inventing!.

Marty McCrea

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