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I operate a home daycare.  I do not like the required bumpers in cribs.  I came up with an idea that basically combines the out-dated style and the the new style. I discussed this with an invention company, they told me I was good to go, but they want more money, which is understandable.  After doing a search of this company I am concerned.  I just want to know, is my idea really patentable? or is it infringement?

Forget the invention companies as they are crooks. The only place that can tell you about the patentability is a patent lawyer but they are expensive. I would recommend that you read about filing a provisional patent yourself and that gives you one year to see if your product is a money maker so you can file a regular patent after a year. That is what I do. Good luck with your idea as I know that a safe bumper is sorely needed.

Inventing New Products/Inventions

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