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Inventing New Products/Inventions/Scammed by Davison for nearly $10,000.00


GA wrote at 2007-04-17 00:31:16
Be very careful with Penny Ballou - she is presently under investigation by us. She has been found to be lying under various circumstances. She is neither accredited nor licensed to give legal or patent advice.

I suggest you open the yellow pages a call a couple attorneys. Meet with them and do business with someone who can be trusted face to face. Otherwise you stand a strong chance of never making money off of your idea.

Diane wrote at 2013-01-04 01:49:14
December 20th 2012

It will be eight years ago in April, that my life and the lives of my five precious children,  turned upside down in the worst possible ways imaginable. That day, april the tenth 2005. I lost my children, my home, my community, my church, my dignity, my freedom, my livelihood,  everything. Without going into painful details, I was in a situation that only money could fix. I was returned to my country of birth, Canada, after thirty years of absence, not a penny in my pocket, nobody to help me. It was to say the least, an excruciating experience that I do not wish on anybody. After turning to every single associations under the sky, I understood that only I could find a solution to be reunited with my beautiful children, I needed a plan and fast.

After almost a years of crying and experiencing deep depression and sorrows, I wiped my eyes and went to work. Years prior , I had a genius idea that every household under the sun, would appreciate and need. It was a simple and very ingenious little idea. After many hours of praying and searching the Net, I found them, Davison Integration.

I contacted them, and spoke with a very  professional representative of the company. He explained to me in a very details and comprehensive  way the role of this particular company. He let me know that they would need 60 dollars to research my idea, to make sure that I would not be waisting my money and time pursuing an idea already patented or created. That is what sold me with this very crafty company. Very well done indeed. I am in no way, an easily persuaded kind of woman. I am actually pretty skeptical, I thought.

At that particular time, the hardships of my life had taken a devastating tole on my money situation. I had to turned to my poor children, all the way in the US Virgin Island, to supply the 60 dollars needed to continue on this very important venture. Hanging on to the glimpse of hope, they emptied their pockets and piggy banks to supply me with the 60 dollars that could save our lives.

I do not want to get in the details of this rip off  Company tactics, simply because , I do not want the heartless, money hungry predators of the internet world, using this wicked information against another honest  , desperate soul out there.

It has been a relationship of over six years with that company and an approximate 15,000. investment that prompted me to write about my experience with them. They are very tricky with their legal mumbo jumbo, even though I consider myself a very intelligent, resourceful woman, they convinced me after many instances when I was ready to quit them and expose them, to continue on my dream. Every time that I wanted to speak to a higher supervisor of the Company, it was impossible.   Things finally came to a screeching halt a couple of months ago. I decided that I would try to sell my idea as well on my side. I contacted Davison and ask them to ship my invention so that I could make a proper video of the actual prototype and also see with my own eyes how it really worked. The reaction of Miss Autumn Luwneski, my representative at Davison, made me extremely nervous to say the least. She was extremely reluctant to send me the actual invention. She was desperately trying to convince me not to do this. I even felt kind of bad and reassured her that I would not rip them off by selling the idea myself, and that after the professional video, I would send the invention back to them, so that we could both benefit from such a creative idea. I told my husband and my partner in this business venture, that I had already a very, very bad feeling that we have been ripped off . She sent me a contract via e-mail of two options, having the invention sent as is or having the  crew check it and repair it if necessary, duhhhh, I took the second option. Another very genius trick of Davison. It gave me the feeling that they were legit and honest one more time. After almost one month of waiting, the invention got here. My heart was pounding, I was so very excited to finally see my 15,000 dollars investment. After examining and trying the prototype, I started crying and screaming, indeed I had been had. The invention did not work, it was a flimsy little two electric wired that did absolutely nothing, attach to a store bought item, which they tried  their best to conceal by sanding down the name of the company. After my son examined the prototype and researched it online, we found out that it was a store bought item of a whopping 20 dollars.

The real tragedy here is that these people after many complaints of taking honest, hard working people money through the years, still have the ok and the right to operate. I tell you, the real criminal are not necessarily behind bars. They will argue that the client is difficult and not patient enough, I was, for the last six years with them. I was polite, I even apologize when I got skeptical at time.

The naked truth is that I am still away from my children, I could of used this money in legal representation, which I do not have much faith in anymore since I also got ripped off in that department. What gives the right to this company to steal my money and string me along for the last six years. They stoled from an entire little american family that was desperate to be reunited. To top it off, I involved this precious young lady, that has been working in a deplorable kitchen of restaurant the last thirteen years from 6 am to 3 pm  Hard, hard money they stole. They took our money. If anybody would come in my house and steal 15,000. they would be in jail. If any employer would refuse to pay me 15,000 dollars of wages, they would be pursued by the law, why is Davison still invited to morning shows, radio shows, ect...

How long before somebody punishes these crooks. They were the nicest people to me, until I asked them why they rip me off like that. They would argue that it is my fault for not pursuing. I gave them the benefit of the doubt for six years, I cooperated with them at every single requests. Some people reading this will argue that it was my fault for believing their lies. It is the same phenomena than when somebody abuses you, they blame you for taking the abuses, instead of punishing and correcting the abuser. I believe in Davison, every time people tried to make me doubt them, I defended them.

I Know for a fact though that if the justice system fail to protect and avenge us, the poor people just tying to feed our family, Karma and God won't

Diane Laplante

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