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Hi David,

I'm 18 years old and I was wondering where I could find out about open house parties in Ireland? Preferably in Galway?

Is there a website or something that has listings of upcoming open house parties? I found this website but it's only for Americans. Is there an Irish equivalent?

My friends aren't party goers so that's why I don't know about any. Also, I've graduated secondary school now and I won't be going to college so I won't be able to go to any parties there.


There are no sites that I am aware off doing just this, sorry.   If it's information about gigs, nightclubs and events then there are plenty of print and online media that do just that but not private parties thrown by individuals in peoples homes.   There would be some thrown on the underground scene but it wouldn't be public knowledge for obvious reasons.  


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I am one of two Ireland Expert's on this site resident in the country and and a citizen of Ireland. I have travelled all over Ireland and I have been in every county at least once and have seen a lot of what happens in this country. A lifelong resident of Dublin, I know the city very very well and have seen all sorts of interesting nuggets and corners; wee shops in funny places and pubs that have the best beer and food. I also write table and pub quizzes so I know a little bit about everything, so to speak, including some of the quirky stuff! If it's about Dublin, I'll be hard pressed not to know something about it; the pubs, sights, history, stories and more so try your luck on me! NB, if you are asking questions relating to suggested sights things to see in Ireland or suggested travel itinerary's, I'd appreciate it if you have a wee look through my past answers first off; it may give you the information that you require already.


I have been working as a taxi driver for several years so I know every nook and cranny of Dublin. As somebody who studied media, I am also interested in transport and current affairs and am passionate about Ireland, Irish affairs and Irish life. I've traveled the country over the years and have seen many of Ireland wonderful sites and sights, some well known; others less so! I've also done some tour guide work taking people around the country so I'm well travelled and well sussed as to what's where.

I have an Irish Leaving Certificate; I also undertook the first year of a H Dip in Radio with Journalism, so it goes without saying that my communication skills are up there.
While I lack latin certs on my wall, life experience has left me with a lot of common sense experience that no institution can teach you.

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