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We are traveling back to Ireland with grown daughter and son.  Arriving at Dublin Airport and renting 2 auto's.  From the airport to Cork on the first day - what are the toll's and roads and is there some interesting close off the road sightseeing spots we might enjoy?

Dear Barbara
Thank you for choosing to visit Ireland.

The road from Dublin Airport to Cork is very straight forward being all divided highway and taking in all less than three hours driving time.

If you paste the following into your Browser our good reliable AA (automobile Association) will roll out the details.

There are three toll payable per private car on the route.

The M50 is a barrier free toll and must be paid either by arrangement with the car hire firm

"Rental cars will be more than likely subject to a blanket agreement between the authorities and the car rental provider. Meaning that an average toll cost will be included in your rental fee and that you will not have to bother with the Westlink toll. Enquire when booking or picking the car up"

or in advance:


at a shop or other outlet designated to accept the fee within 48 hours of passing the toll point (this is the least attractive option in my view as you have to go looking for the outlet and explaining the requirement, vehicle etc)

Charge is I think €3.10 per private car.

There are two further tolls: one a short way South of J17 on M7/8 requiring payment of €1.90. This is payable in cash and if you have exact change you simply throw the cash in the basket at the barrier.

An identical one is further South, somewhere beyond Cashel I think, requiring the same paymment

Further details at:

Scenery and historic interest sites close to this route are I think best in Counties Tipperary and Cork.
You may wish to have a break after one hour and I recommend the service area at J17 Portlaoise.

A second pause might be Cashel or Cahir: Cahel has the renowned Royal / Ecclesiastical site with the twelfth century Romanesque architectural gem Cormac's Chapey- I personally find automobile parking in Cashel challenging however. Cahir has a littler historic  castle good to visit and I find parking  there more welcoming.

There is dramatic Irish scenery and a cave system near Mitchelstown:

I wish you great joy in your vacation here and very safe and pleasant travel.

Cotter is a good Cork name and the CEO of our Food Promotion /Marketing agency is named Cotter.
Sincerely Hugh O'Rourke  


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