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What are some of the cultural traits and taboos in Ireland? Thank you for your time.

Oh my God.
A very broad question:

Cultural traits:

1. Social gatherings are most often held in pubs, especially in the West, and Guinness is
the conversational lubricant.

2. Until very recently, the Irish tended to be 'prim and proper' in their reporting of news
and discussions of social mores. That tends to change when the old grestone churches are
turned into cell phone shops and discoteques.

3. Until recently, the Irish tend to be 'suspicious' of immigrants, but since the country's
accession (or descension) into the EU, there is a growing racial mirepoix. For example,
Dublin more resembles Luxembourg City than in resembles Galway.

4. The Irish love their traditional music and these cultural norms are kept and actually
nourished in various small hamlets in the West where there is actually an Irish fiddling
school for young folks.

5. There is a Retired Donkey Center in the West. That is charming.

Cultural Taboos:

1. Don't say anything bad about Bill Clinton in the West in a pub or you might find yourself
staring at the ceiling from the floor.

2. It is considered very bad form to drink Guinness before 10:00 a.m.

3. You should not address an Irish girl as a "chick".


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