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We are 2 girls from Germany.
We have to do a Presentation about the life Irish teenager.
It would be great if you could sent us some information about your hobbies and the thinks you do every day.

Anna and Cici

Dear Anna and Cici,

I am far from being a teenager but I have observed teenagers in Ireland.
What they love to do, if they can do it (by virtue of age requirements) is hang out in the
pubs, drink Guinness, and chat. If they are not of that age, then what they love to do is:

a. Visit the beach
b. Go to dances (these are big in the West of Ireland)
c. Listen to what is now called 'Irish Western Music' which is a wierd combination of Lonny
Donnegan and Johnny Cash.(If you get that)
d. The portable computing devices are big. Teenagers spend ungodly amounts of time on their
IPhones, IPads, the internet, just as do teenagers anywhere.
e. The lucky ones travel to London and Paris to party.
f. The unlucky ones party in Templebar, if in Dublin, the walking mall in Galway, if in the

They do not typically go to church. The churches are being turned into discos.

Thus the revenge of God, or the devil, or Keynes, if you follow him.

Best to the two girls from Germany,


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