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Irrigation/Water Pressure Problem on Sprinkler Heads


wetsthebed wrote at 2013-07-09 07:32:55
Im not seeing this as being the correct solution to your problem if it ran fine after instilation and now has too low of pressure. I would start with the simplest solutions and eliminate each one untill ur problem is solved.If all heads are not poping then its not a clog at the head, look at the first head and check pressure there. plug all heads with factory caps except one nearest valve. if u have high pressure / normal then its safe to say too many heads and for some reason now its not enoughf pressure. city could have added more lines now sharing the one with ur home. or a leak in the city line could have reduced ur pressure seeing how u prob didnt check pressure before he installed. re-plumbing (reducing the bends and fixtures in ur line will also help. i would contact the supplyer and see if they had any low tention springs and swap them out. this will take less pressure to pop the head and give slightly more distance. this is why i love this job, every home is a puzzle. good luck and I hope u can fix it at no cost.


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