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Hi Jim:

I need to extend an existing residential drip system to the back yard and I'm wondering if this is simple enough to tackle myself.  The current system services the front yard and is a single station with a Hunter ontroller.  There is a capped off 1/2" feed facing the back yard on each side of the house.  I would need to run about 150' of 1/2" poly tubing from these feeds to cover the back yard area.

Is it as simple as connecting the additional line to the existing capped-off supply lines and pulling emitters where I need them?  Or would I have to install an additional zone from the main to service the back yard.

Look forward to your comments.

Surprise, Arizona

Hey John, you should be able to just  add to the existing system. the main thing is how many emitters are you planning on adding. With the one drip valve, you should be able to pull about 5 gallons per minute(GPM) or 300 gallons per hour(GPH). Lets say each of the emitters puts out 2 gallons per hour, you could put up to 150 emitters at 2 GPH on one valve. Depending on how many emitters, and how many gallons per hour each one puts out, will determine if the system will work efficiently. Good luck and have a great day.


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