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Irrigation/K-Rain Hydrotek not turning on


Hi Guillermo. Please bear with me as I will try my very best to explain the trouble I'm having. I have a k-Rain Hydrotek 2514 controller for my 6 year old home. I've had the worst luck with my system. The most recent issue seems to be the same thing that happened several months ago. The system stopped working. The timer still rotates as though it's working but the sprinklers don't come on. Even in manual mode they won't even get the pumping going. It's as though no power is getting to the pump. I had a guy come out when it happened and he said that a sprinkler head was hitting it directly and caused it to short (he also readily admitted to not being very familiar with sprinklers but he had already started the job). He replaced the box but connected the wires incorrectly and shorted the new box out. So he went and bought another one and did it correctly. The system worked for about a month and then stopped again. I don't believe he ever adjusted the head that was hitting the box so if that were the reason, it seems logical that it would happen again, no? But can that really happen? Water causing a system to short? It seems counterintuitive that water would damage a system who's sole purpose is to provide water! We live in Florida where it rains constantly and I've never had this happen before. We have St. Augustine grass and, although it's December, my grass is in desperate need of water and I'm using my hose to save myself from having to resod. How would I go about checking to see if the power is reaching the pump? If its not, what would be my next step? I'm so tired of having to pay someone only to have it break again. Thanks for any help you can offer!

Hi Dina,

I need a little more info. The 2414 model has an output voltage of 24V and any pump requires at least 110V. To use any 2514 with a pump you need a pump start between the pump and  2514.

Thus is how it works: the 2514 sends 24V to the pump start, this close the coil and send the proper voltage to the pump.if the pump start gets damaged or does not receive power from the circuit breaker the pump will not work.

Please let me know is your system adhere to this. Do you have a pump or you are calling pump to the small electrical valve?, can you send pictures of your 2514 and pump. This will help me.


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