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Hi Jim: I have a Toro Vision II series controller that works just fine, except one zone won't activate the spray heads. I can't get that one zone to operate. Thing is, that particular terminal reads about 24V regardless of whether the zone is on or not. So, a constant 24V is going to the solenoid valve, suggesting that the valve is always open, but that zone doesn't water. I know the valve is stuck in the off position because the system holds air pressure (I'm trying to winterize). Thanks.

Hey jeff, you need to find the actual valve, and see if the solenoid is getting actuated by the controller. Just because you get a voltage reading at the controller, doesn't mean you are getting voltage at the valve. If the solenoid is working at the valve, and the valve is still not working, then the diaphram needs to be replaced. You also might want to have your controller checked to see why this particular station is putting out voltage all the time, this is not normal.Good luck and have a great day.


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