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Irrigation/Hunter ICC controller - setting time for another station


I have had my Hunter ICC system for many years and have previously had no reason to add watering stations. I have now installed another watering station and when I try set the time for that station (20 minutes) it always reverts to 1 minute for that station only. All other stations are set to 20 minutes and they continue to operate correctly. I have tried a number of times and the same thing happens each time, i.e. the 20 minute time setting for the new station defaults to 1 minute.

Hi Doug,

When you add the new station do you run two wires to that station, one white,the common, and one from an available port on your icc.?

Do you test the new station, do it, with the common wire connected to the station have the new station wire touch the test port on your icc. The station will open.

Did you add any new module for the New station, is so be sure it is an black icm module.

If everything has been done wright,try resetting the controller memory,
3..Hold.down.the. minus .button,.the.right arrow.button,.and.the. PRG.button.simultaneously. 4..While.holding.down.the.three.buttons,.press.and.release.the.reset. button.on.the.back.of.the.front.panel,.then.release.the.three.buttons.. Hold.all.buttons.and.reset.until.display.flashes.12:00..All.the.memory.

If you need further help do not hesitate to contact me again.



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