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Jim:  Help! Help! Again. My previous question pertained to the 2 GPH emitters only producing 1/2 GPH. I have two separate drip lines, both are 400' long, one has 44 emitters # 2 GPH# and the other has 73 emitters # 2 GPH# they both always worked fine until I had a repair done on two of the other valves, now, the line that has 73 emitters will only produce 1/2 PH on all of the emitters. I thought that I would test the pressure reducers, so I removed them both BRAND Senninger Irrigation, Inc. with the following marks 20 PSI at 1/10-8 GPH. I connected them to my house water which is 60 PSI and put a pressure guage on the other end and both of them read 60 PSI at the outflow. Is this the wrong way to test them? I also went on line to www. and they have a chart showing maximum runs for drip lines. They say you can have 92 2GPH emitters at 370 LF at 20 PSI, or 147 emitters at 590 LF at 30 PSI. My 1st question, what is the correct way to check pressure reducers? Do they have to have actual water flow going through them to reduce the pressure? 2nd question, is it ok and/or safe to switch to 30 PSI?
One other note, the valve works OK manually and by the clock, however, I have not changed out the solenoid or diaphragm yet. Even though the valve goes and off OK, could one of them be my problem? Thanks again.

Hey Bill, with the regulators off the valves, turn the valves on by the controller, and see what kind of flow you are getting out of the valves, because before, it sounded like the valves were not operating properly. To check the pressure, you should leave the lines hooked up, and check it at the very end of the drip line. I would suggest changing the regulators to 30 lb. Thanks and have a great day.


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