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I have a drip line that has 73 2GPH emitters that is controlled by an Irritrol 1" valve. Incoming pressure is 60 PSI and the valve has a 20 PSI Rainbird pressure reducer on the outgoing end of the valve. I had two valves replaced and now the above mentioned drip line will only produce 1/2 GPH at each emitter. The valve opens and closes OK with the clock or manually. Water pressure is still good and I also opened up the body to check for a possible rock or other obstruction. My last option is to dig everything up and replace the pressure reducer. QUESTION - - Does this sound like pressure reducer problems? Do pressure reducers "all of a sudden" go bad, or when the other repairs were being performed, could dirt have entered the open main line and clogged up the pressure reducer? Also, the pressure reducer is 8 years old. What is their normal life expectancy? I have a total of six valves, the other five valves ( 2 drip and 3 spray) This valve is number 5 on the main incoming supply line. The four before it and the one after it all work fine. Once again, thank you in advance for your help.

Hey Bill, first thing I would try, is to take out the bleed screw on the valve, and see if the volume on the emitters gets any better. If the volume is okay with the bleed screw off the valve, then the diaphragm needs replaced. If that does not help, then first I would dig up the pipe about 1 foot out from the pressure regulator, and cut it, then turn on the valve, and see what kind of volume you are getting. If the volume is good, then there might be a restriction in the line somewhere (root,rock, etc.). If the volume is still bad, then I would replace the regulator, but might want to go up to a 30 PSI regulator since you have so many emitters. Good luck and have a great day.


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