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Irrigation/Richdel model R412 controls


Hi Jim,
  I think there is something wrong with the day dial on my system or with how I am setting my system.  I put the Master Switch in the 'rain' position and then make all of my adjustments to the various wheels and lugs.  When I move the Master Switch from 'rain' to 'auto,' the circuit wheel moves a bit into position and I think the system is set.  The day dial will move around as the hours pass--until it gets to 'midnight.'  Then it just stays on midnight and the system never comes on.  If I lift the lug on the day dial by hand and hold it up for a few seconds (as though a lug had tripped it) they system goes on and runs through its cycles just fine.   Can you, please, help me with this problem??  Thank you,  Donna

Hey Donna, what I believe is happening, is that the hour wheel has a motor that turns it, when it gets to the midnight position, it hits the day wheel and trips it to the next day. Your motor is going out, and when there is a slight resistance to the motor (advancing the day wheel) it gets stuck in that position. The motor needs replacing. Richdel was bought out by Irri-trol, but this controller has not been made for probably 25 years or more. I doubt you can still find a motor for it, but you might want to check with a local irrigation supply store, or google it online to find a motor.If you cannot fix it, I would suggest replacing it with a Irri-trol "Rain Dial" controller. They are reasonably priced are easy to program, and will last a long time. Good luck and have a great day.


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