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Irrigation/Hardie RD-900


QUESTION: None of the valves open in manual, or semi auto. I can hear a light clicking in some of them when activated. On manual mode, all valves go to a flashing off without opening.

ANSWER: Hey Jim, if the controller starts flashing off when a valve is trying to open, then either you have a problem in the wires that run from the controller to the valves, or the solenoids are shorting out the controller. More than likely, if no matter which valve you try to turn on, it flashes off, then the problem is in the wires, because more than likely, not all the solenoids would go bad at the same time. If only one valve flashes off when it is turned on, than it is probably just an individual solenoid. Has there been any digging done lately? it sounds like maybe the wire has been damaged somewhere. Good luck and have a great day.

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QUESTION: Thank You Jim... The system operates normally in auto mode, except the solenoids chatter on #3 valve (on the A program, sprinklers). Also #6 and #8 valves chatter (B program, drip) when running. All other valves normal. Water stream is normal on all valves.
  Still getting same problems in Semi Auto and manual modes. Have not been doing any digging, maybe gophers or moles.
   Thank You and Happy Holidays to you and yours    Jim Duncan

ANSWER: Hey Jim, what I would do, is take off the field wire on terminal #3, and let #3 run on automatic. and check your voltage at the controller on terminal #3. If it gives you a reading between 22 to 26 volts, then you have a problem in the field wires. If it is not giving a strong reading between 22 to 26 volts continuously, then the problem is either in the panel, or the circuit board on back. you also might want to check the 9 volt battery in back of the panel, and make sure it is putting out 9 volts, if not, then replace the battery. Good luck and have a great day.

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QUESTION: Thank You Jim    I changed the 9V battery and all modes worked, I had no idea. I still have some chattering solenoids. I changed the noisy solenoids and they still chatter. My wires since have been torn up by a dog and am in the process of reconnecting. Which are the field wires?

Hey Jim, the field wires (the ones torn up by your dog) are simply the wires that run from the controller (terminal strip) to the valve solenoids. I still have a feeling that either the panel or the terminal board might have a defect in it. Have you tried checking the voltage either at the terminal strip or at the solenoids? Good luck and have a great day?


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