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Irrigation/Irritrol RD-1200 vs. RD-600


Dear Jim,

I have an RD-1200 (~7 years old) which had a controller malfunction.  I sent it to Irritrol for repair and they diagnosed a short and appear to have repaired it.  However, when I got the box back this week, it looks like they refurbished an RD-1200 in an RD-600 casing.  I know this because they blacked out a portion of the model tag on the inside front cover of the outer casing which showed "600" but I was able to read it under a light.  The controller dial facing shows an original RD-1200 label, so that is why I think I got back a (presumably repaired) RD-1200 controller but placed in a RD-600 case.  I discovered this because I was not able to mount the controller box on my wall exactly where I had it before (after running the wires through the bottom of the box).  Question:  do you know if the bottom hole configuration is different for the outer casing of the RD-600 compared to the RD-1200?    If so, I need to send this back to Irritrol.  Thank you in advance.

Hey david, the case for the RD-600 and the RD-1200 should be exactly the same. To be honest, I have no idea why the case bottom holes are different, they should be exactly the same.If they replaced the back of the case where the wires hook up, this is different from what it used to be, and this is probably why the wires seem short. Good luck and have a great day.


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