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Irrigation/rain dial setting times, can't tell which is correct


I have lived in my house about 8 years, I think it was built 4 years prior to that, so the Rain Dial system may be 12 years old.  My problem is that when I go to set the minutes for each station, the knob is kind of loosey goosey in the box and when programming stations, when I first click over to the station, it will show 3 mins are set, but if I press down the knob to turn it again, it says it has 10 minutes set.  The knob will show a different time setting depending on how you are holding the knob, or jiggling it.  If you hold it one way, it will show one time, and then if you press it down a little, it will show another time, so I am not sure if I am watering the station for 3 minutes or 10 minutes.  Sometimes when I want to manually water an area, say station 5, and I turn it to 5 and set it for 2 minutes then hit the run button, zone 1 will turn on.  
I don't know if you can replace just the knob, if that is the problem with the loose system or if it's internal wiring that needs tightening down or do I need a whole new controller box?
Thank you.

Hey Barbara, just from use and age, the contacts on the back of the dial are getting worn out. I would suggest just buying a new panel. If you hinge out the panel, you will notice a ribbon of wires that is plugged into the back of the controller case. Just unplug these wires, and on the left side of the panel, you will notice the plastic hinges. With the panel at a 90 degree angle from the case, simply pull it straight out from the case. Any irrigation supply store should carry this panel. Hardie used to make this controller, but it was bought by Irri-trol. It is now considered an Irri-trol "Rain- Dial" controller. Cost should be around $100 to $120 for a 6 station model. Good luck and have a great day.  


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