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Irrigation/Rainbird ESP6 irrigation system


We just bought a 14 year old house in the Florida Keys that has a Rainbird ESP6 watering system.  It has been working fine, coming on the days it should, but just up an quit.  The panel is lit up with the days etc, and is on Program A.  When I turn the dial, the proper days come up, etc.  I checked the GFCI on the electrical outlet that it is connected to and I replaced the fuse as the previous owners left a box of fuses by the unit.  I noticed that it has a 9v battery.  Should that be replaced?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Hey Patricia, you can replace the 9 volt battery,but all this battery does, is hold the memory in case you have a power outage. Actually what I would suggest, is to first take the battery out of the unit, and then disconnect the power for about 1 minute, and then with the battery still out, power the unit back up, and see if it works. I am not sure when you say "but it just up and quit" do you mean the controller "up and quit" or the sprinklers do not come on and "up and quit"? If the controller "up and quit" and after you power down and power back up, it still does not work, then you need to replace the controller. If the controller seems to be working okay, and the sprinklers do not come on, then you might need to check your water supply to the system, your automatic valves to the system, the wires to the system, etc. Good lcuak and have a great day.


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