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Irrigation/Irratol RD 900 not working


My controller is currently not working. I have 9 valves and I can turn them all on manually at the valve itself, but I cannon not do anything from the controller. The power is on, and I can set times, schedules,etc. but win I try manually run it from the controller, I hear the clicking but the system is not coming on. I have left it on run to see if it came on for it's normal schedule. I can hear it actually click, but the water is not coming on.

Hey Dave, obviously you have water at the valves, so this is not an issue. First thing to check, is that the controller is putting out the correct voltage. With a volt/ohm meter, turn on one valve at a time, lets say valve #1. With the meter, put the positive lead on the #1 terminal in back of the controller, and the negative lead on the C (common) terminal. You should get between 22 to 26 volts. If you are not, then you either have a problem with the controller or your power supply. If the controller is good, then check your voltage out at the valves, again by checking the voltage on the 2 wires coming out of your solenoid. If you are getting the correct voltage, then you could have a defective solenoid, or a defective diaphram. If you are getting a good reading at the controller, but not at the valves, then you have a wiring problem, and need to find either the  bad connection or break in the wire. If none of the valves are working, then more than likely, the problem is either in the controller or the wires. Normally not all the solenoids and diaphrams would be defective. Good luck and have a great day.


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