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Irrigation/Manual turn on not working-1200 irratol


I cant get the manual turn on to work. Battery works I can see time working.

I slide switch to right, then go to my desired station, then put 3 minutes time and push manual. and sprinklers don't go on.
This morning it was working manually.

Is there some reset button for me to push or other solution thanks

Hey Mark, first thing I would do is to take out the battery, and see if you still have a display. If the display goes blank when you take out the battery, then you are not getting power to the controller, and you need to check your power supply. If you are getting a display with the battery out then the power is good. Next thing to check, is to see if the main water is turned on to the sprinklers. Next thing to check is to manually turn on the valve by the clock like you did before, and check your voltage by touching the terminal strip in back of the controller with a volt /ohm meter. Simply touch the positive lead from the meter to the # you are turning on, and the negative lead to the C (common) terminal. If you are getting between 22 and 26 volts, then the controller is working fine, if not, then you need to repair or replace the controller. If the controller is working okay, then you need to check your wires to the valves, the solenoid on the valves, or the diaphram in the valve. Good luck and have a great day.


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