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Irrigation/well sprinkler system to county sprinkler system


I have a Hydrotek Timer Controller connected to a Well Pump that is connected to an Index Valve for my Automatic Sprinkler System. I get so much rust out of that well that it has discolored my house, car and landscape in a matter of days. And I have been spending hundreds of dollars keeping everything clean. Nothing works as of yet. So I was thinking of changing over to county water. Can I switch my existing system over? And if so how would I do that? I know I would have to eliminate the well and pump. But how would I connect the timer controller to the system? I have heard that you somehow or somewhere have to connect a solenoid? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Jeanne, Basically what you would do is tap into your main water line that runs from the meter to your house. Normally what the city or county will require is called a vacuum breaker,basically this device only allows the water to flow one way into the sprinkling system and not back into your house to contaminate the water. And then directly past the vacuum breaker,you would install an inline automatic valve (solenoid valve). From this valve you would need to run a wire to your controller, that could turn this valve on, to supply water to the Index valve. From the discharge side of automatic valve, you would run a line to the index valve. I hope this helps, Good luck and have a great day.


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