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I have an Irritrol HR-6100 system in my house that I recently moved into. I set it up and it worked on the days that I had programmed, but when I tried to perform a manual operation to adjust some of the sprinkler heads, I was unable to. After that, the system stopped working all together, either automatic and manual.

I also noticed than when set to "Auto" and "Run" and on the "current time" dial setting, it constantly flashes 1A, not the actual time. I tried changing out the backup battery and I unplugged everything so I could reprogram it but still no luck.

Any ideas what could be happening? Thank you for any/all insight.

Hey Andrew, start by taking out the battery, and then disconnect the power for about 1 minute. With the battery still out of the controller, turn the power back on, and do not put the battery back in. Now see if you get a normal display. If you do not, then the panel is bad and either needs to be replaced or repaired. Instead of replacing the whole controller, just take the panel out, and either have it repaired or replaced. New panel should run you about $100.00. If you cannot find a local repair center, call Irri-trol at 1-800-634-8873 and you can send the unit to them to be repaired. Good luck and have a great day.


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