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Irrigation/Rainbird SST600i replacing Hardie


Hi Jim
I'm replacing a 20 year old Hardie controller, 6 zone with a Rainbird. The Hardie is single wire to each zone. The Rainbird instructions show 2 wires from each zone, 1 to each zone and a then combining 3 zones and attaching to the main.  Is there a solution around my predicament of single wire? I will call the mfg but can't until Tuesday and they are a 3 hour time zone away.

Thanks for your help

Hey Sergio, I am not sure what you are looking at, but maybe this will help. On the old controller, you should have a wire(s) marked C for common. This same wire will hook to the C terminal on the new controller. Then each wire on the old controller #1, #2 etc. will correspond to the same #'s on the new controller. All valves have 2 wires that run to them, each has a separate(hot) wire, but then each of them also have a common wire that is the same wire that runs to all the valves. For instance, lets say you have 3 valves in the same location, you would need 4 wires that run to the three valves. A separate hot wire for all three (3 wires) and then one common wire that runs to all three valves (1 wire). Good luck and have a great day.


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