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Irrigation/Back yard sprinklers go off around 4pm (set to "off")



I have the Hardie Rain Dial 600. When I set the switch on the left to "C", the back yard sprinklers will go off around 4pm for half an hour everyday. Start time is set to OFF and all zones are set to OFF but it keeps going off for some reason.

I only have this problem with C. A and B both run perfectly. However, I need C in order to have the schedule I need to properly water my lawn.

Any idea what may be wrong?

Hey Bret, I don't know if you realize that once the bottom switch is on "run" it will run all 3 programs A,B,and C, no matter where the A,B,C switch is set. I would start with program A and check start time #1 start time #2 and start time #3 and see if you have a start time at 4:oo pm set in one of these start times. Also check program B and check all three start times and make sure you don't have a 4:00pm start time scheduled in one of these programs. Likewise double check program c and make sure you do not have a 4pm  start time in any of these also. I would check your programming first, before you do any diagnostics on the controller. Good luck and have a great day.


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