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Hi, I have the Nelson Smartzone ez irrigation system,I have 4 zones, my problem is when Zone 2 comes on it does not go off and the only way to stop it is to turn the power off at the fuse. The irrigation programmer/control box is turned to OFF but it all keeps running. The only way to stop it is to disconnect the pump by the borehole. That pump also fills the pool trough. The only thing currently connected is the borehole which is fine.
From where I see it there is a problem with the irrigation control box - it will not run individual sectors and it will not switch off therefore it keeps the pump running which keeps the irrigation going, any help ?

Hey Nigel, Let me explain a few things, and maybe it will clarify what is going on. Normally if a pump is hooked to the irrigation system, the controller will have a pump start (PS) or a master valve (MV) terminal that is hooked to a relay (switch), and when the controller is scheduled to come on, the relay switch is activated first by the controller to turn the pump on, and at the same time it will send a current to one of the valves (zones) to activate a solenoid to also open that particular valve (zone). If the pump is running all the time, then either the relay switch is stuck on, or the controller is constantly sending current to the relay switch,and that is why the pump would continue to run, and not shut off. To tell if it is the switch or the controller, simply disconnect(turn off) the power to the controller. If the pump continues to run, then it is the relay switch, If the pump shuts off, then the problem is in the controller. Now, if the #2 zone continues to run with the pump on, then it is either the controller or the valve itself. Again, if there is water pressure to the irrigation system, and you disconnect all power to the controller, if #2 valve (zone) continues to run, then the valve is bad and you need to either repair or replace the valve. If there is water pressure to the system, and you disconnect the power from the controller, and #2 valve turns off, then the problem is in the controller, and you either need to repair or replace the controller. Good luck and have a great day.  


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