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Irrigation/Richdel 446 PR- zone A not working


QUESTION: For the Richdel 446PR (6 zone) controller, stamped 062294 (assume 1994 install), we have been using program "A" on automatic.  We have lived here 3 months and after 2 months of use, program "A" won't work on automatic, but all zones do work fine if each is set on manual.  Then today we tried program B and it works fine.

question 1: what repair might be needed so that program A will work?
question 2: is it time to buy a new controller (because it is almost 20 years old)?
question 3: if I need a new controller, what would you recommend?  Only 5 zones are installed and needed for our yard.

Thank you very much ahead of time!

ANSWER: Hey Eric, unfortunately once the slide switches start going out in these controllers, there is not much you can do to repair them. I would suggest replacing it with a Irri-trol "Rain-dial" controller. They come in a 6, 9 or 12 station model. Good luck and have a great day.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have decided on the RD 600-EXT-R.  The current 1994 model is hard wired, no transformer.  Is that going to be a problem in replacing with the new model?  Is it otherwise easy to replace the old with the new?

Any hints on the installation?

Thanks so much for the quick and straight forward answer.


Hey Eric, the richdel controller has a transformer that is inside the unit, just like the outdoor rain dial the transformer is inside the case. the 110 volt hook up should be identical. as you take the field wires off the old terminal strip, mark each one as you take them off #1. #2 etc. and especially mark the one marked common. Then when you put them back on the new controller, hook them up exactly as you took them off the old controller. good luck and have a great day.


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