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QUESTION: Dear Robert:  We have a Richdel 446PR system.  all works fine but one zone.  The water dribbles out of those heads and the heads do not pop up.  any ideas?  Thank you, Kevin

ANSWER: When does the water "dribble" out of the heads?

Only when the zone runs  or 24/7

Did the zone run normal prior to this issue?

Have you already looked for a leak in the zone?

Have you already checked for restrictions in the valve or elsewhere along that zone?

I will be taking the rest of the week off of work and will reply when I return on Monday if I do not hear back from you by 2pm EST today.


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QUESTION: The water dribbles out only when the zone runs.  The zone ran fine prior to this.  How do you check for a leak in the zone?  thank you, Kevin

I would check the valve to make sure there is no obstructions. When trying to find a leak on a zone one can cap all of the heads and run the zone until a leak is found. So to recap dribbling heads can be a result of an obstruction blocking the water flow or from a leak. We have also seen pipes that have been kinked over the years from aggressive roots from both plants and trees.  


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