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I have a Toro vision II system.  Today, one section decided to stay on even when the unit was off.  I had to turn the water off at the pump in order for it to stop.  Is this a solenoid problem?  Second question, the system has been 'glitching', turning off in the middle of watering #even when the filters are clean# and popping on/off three or four times before eventually shutting down all together.

*When you need to turn the water off to shut down a zone it is typically a valve diaphragm issue.

*Regarding the "glitching" that could be a short on a processor with the timer, bad wire connection, pressure fluctuation or other things depending on a wide range of variables.

Please provide more information if or when available.

I would recommend replacing or cleaning the diaphragm on the zone that you had to turn the water off on in order to get the zone to shut down.

I would pick a starting point with regards to the "glitching" and go from there. Probably best to start at the controller and monitor outputs and check the ohms for any open circuits or anything that is not within manufacturers spec.

Here is the Manual for that controller:  


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