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Irrigation/Hunter Pro-C Transformer Running Hot


I had a Hunter Pro-C installed with 12 zones about five years ago. The system performed well until recently when I noticed that the display said "No AC".  I put a volt meter on the power side and then on the controller side of the transformer and noted the transformer was getting power but the controller side was dead.  I replaced the transformer and restored power and noted that the display still said "No AC".  I contacted the company I purchased the transformer from and they told me it was probably an issue with the Pro-C itself that shorted out the new transformer.  I purchased a new Pro-C and connected everything up and the system started working, however when I checked the transformer later I noted that it was pretty hot.  Is this normal?  I turned it off until I can figure out if this is ok.  I understand that transformers will get hot, but this one is almost too hot to touch for more than 3-4 seconds.


I have noticed transformers running hot before too. Both when there was an issue and also where they have run hot for years without issue.  So my opinion is only that.  Call Hunter tech support for further assistance 760.591.7383

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