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I have a Rainbird RC 7bi timer that will not progress on to the next station or zone. Last week it was in perfect working order, but when I got ready to water yesterday, it watered station 1 & that's it. When I went to go check on it the timer was still making the normal ticking sound, but it did not move on to station 2. I unplugged it and left it alone for about 3 hrs hoping it would reset. After that, I plugged it back in, and re-started it on zone 1, but the problem still remained. I then manually turned the wheel to zone 2, and it watered that zone just fine and stopped. So basically after that I just turned the wheel manually to the next zones all the way to zone 5. After all stations were done, I turned the wheel back to reset and turned it off. I would sure appreciate any suggestions you might have for this issue.

Thanks,  Jason

Hey Jason, this particular controller has two motors, one keeps the time of day and times the stations, the other one advances the wheel from one station to the next. I would suspect that the advance motor has gone out. It is easy to replace, I am not sure if you can still get one from Rainbird or not. I would check with them first and they might be able to tell you a distributor that can sell you one. You can also check with a company in Arizona call "sprinkler world of Arizona", their number is 602-954-9022, and talk to Dale, and he will be able to tell you if they have a motor, or if they are still available. Good luck and have a great day.


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