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Jim: I am the one that was having "Bang" issues in the interior pipes when Irg. valves turn off. I left you my tel. # once but you thought it might have been deleted from this e-mail. I know you are in the Phoenix area and I tried to look up your name in the tel. book but the tel. numbers didn't work. I'll try the number once more, , also you can try and look up my name, there is only one William P. in the Phoenix book. Here is my question. The valve that is giving me problems has 20 spray heads on it. It used to have 30 heads but I split it to 10 and 20. I never had any banging issues when it had 30 heads until I noticed that my Febco 765-1 did not dribble water any more. I don't know if the two issues are connected or not. My next step will be to replace the Febco. I know that a "slow closing" valve would help but there are 6 valves on the manifold which would be alot of work to cjhange out. Can the top of the existing valve, (which is a 1" Irritrol 205TF) be changed out to receive the "slow closing" device without chabging out the entire body of the valve? Also, I don't know if the Febco PVB is part of the problem or not. Thanks again. Bill

Hey Bill, it would not be the Febco. Try turning down the flow control on top of the valve so less water is flowing through the valve, this way less water is going through the valve and when it closes not so much force will be exerted on the pipes. Good luck and have a great day.


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