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Irrigation/Solenoid repair?


My Toro (or Hardie) sprinkler system was installe about 18 years ago.  One station leaks at the end of that group .. even though system is shut down at the control box.  I'm told I need a new solenoid.  Here's the info I could find:  Toro (Hardie) sprinkler station solenoid 100 series: (6199 on stem) J&H811 solenoid 24V 60 Hz inrush amps .4 holding .2

Can you tell me what I need, and if it can be ordered online?   Thanks for your time.

It's hard to troubleshoot a issue without being on site to properly evaluate the issue. That being said my experience would point to a weeping valve; a extremely slow leaking zone, usually at the lowest point.

My experience would point to a solenoid issue IF the zone will not turn on.

With a weeping valve one can either choose to clean the diaphragm and see it that solves the issue or to replace the diaphragm with a new one.

Let me know what happens.

To test if it is the diaphragm just turn the timer off and if it still leaks then it is a weeping valve. Then to be certain turn the water source off at the valve and that should be the only way to dry the area out.

Solenoid / Electrical is mainly related to issues where you can not turn a zone on

hydraulic issues are when you have constant leaking on a zone


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