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Irrigation/Pump Won't Start


I have a Irritrol Systems, Rain Dial RD600. The unit has been working perfectly for about 8 years. Recently the backup battery died. After replacing the Battery the system does NOT start the pump. All Zone Valves Open/Close correctly as per settings.

The RD600 is connected to a "C-Bus" relay unit that commands the Pump relay to Start the Pump. At present the pump is NOT starting.

When the pump is manually started via the "C-Bus" relay unit [NOT at the RD600 manual start button] it commands the Pump relay to start the pump correctly and the pump runs beautifully.

The problem appears to be at the RD600 unit. No Manual / Semi Automatic start, will bring the Pump into action. [ALL solenoid Valves, Open / Close correctly as per settings].

At present I stand next to the RD600 controller unit when 1st Zone Valve Opens, I start the pump locally to irrigate the zones. When on LAST Zone, I stop the pump manually about 1 minute before LAST Zone valve is due to shut. I just DON'T want to "Dead Head" the LAST Zone Valve against a Powerful pump. Although, I do have a "Pressure Relief" Valve on the Main Line, it's just too risky to unnecessarily "Dead Head" the Pump again the Last Zone Valve.

The ONLY symptoms that are readily apparent is that the RD600, is sending a pump "Start Command" every 60 seconds. However the Pump just does NOT start Automatically. All I can hear is a "Clicking" Noise at the Pump Start Relay every 60 seconds. The pump NEVER kicks in Automatically.

I have tried unpowering the circuit with Battery / Mains power disconnected without any success.

What could be the problem. [Could it be a "Faulty" circuit board].

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Hey Max, you claim the unit is sending a signal every 60 seconds, it should have a continuous signal. It could be the circuit board, the controller panel, or the wiring going to the relay, or the relay itself. first thing to do, it take the wire off the terminal at the controller for the pump start relay. Now turn a station on, and with a volt/ohm meter, see if you are getting a continuous 22 to 26 volt readout.  If you are, then the controller is good, if you are not getting a continuous readout, then it is either the controller or the circuit board. If you are getting a good reading, hook the wire back up to the terminal, and go out to the relay, and disconnect the wire going to the relay. Now turn a station on, and check the output at the wire at the relay. If the output is continuous, then the wire is good, and the relay is defective. If the output is not continuous, then the problem is in the wire. I hope this helps, good luck and have a great day.


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