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Irrigation/Program cycling every hour


I have a hardie rain dial installed in 1991. I have my set up three days a week for ten minutes at 3am. When I turn my system to run an A appears next to the valve one time and it counts down the ten minutes watering that part of my lawn. After the ten minutes section 2 turns on for ten minutes then 3. This repeats every hour. It is only supposed to got at at 3am, this just started happening it was working correctly before.

How do I fix it?

Hey Ben, first thing I would try, is check and make sure that you only have the first start time programmed at 3am, and that the second and third start times are set to "OFF". Also check your other programs B and C and make sure you do not have time programmed in on these programs. Also, you may want to take the battery out of the controller, turn the power off for about 1 minute, and then with the battery still out, turn the power back on, then re-program the controller. If you still continue to have this problem, then you can take just the panel out of the case, take it to "Sprinkler World of Arizona" and they can either repair it or sell you a replacement panel for it. Good luck and have a great day.


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