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Irrigation/rainbird esp-6


James, I have made some progress  now it is the electrical part

1. The two red hot wires and one common white wire coming from outside 110 volts have no power  i have used a multimeter and taken them out of their connections on the controller

2. Can i fiddle with some knobs, resets, timers to see if i get back the voltage

3. If i can do that what is the first thing i should do to ensure that the two solenoids are in good working order  i know that to start the solenoids from the controller, the valves must be in the closed position

4. if i also want to check if the voltage is OK at the solenoids, across where should i take the readings and what is the limit

Hey Aamir, I do not understand what you are saying on #1, do you not have 110 volt power at the controller? You need to make sure you have power to the controller before anything else. Make sure you have 110 volt power to the controller, then check the 2 leads with a volt/ohm meter that says 24 volts, this is where the transformer is hooked to the circuit board, if this reading is not giving you between 22 to 26 volts, then the transformer is bad. The only way to check your solenoids is to connect them to a 24 volt source (working controller or transformer) and see if the plunger inside of them is drawn up inside the solenoid cylinder. Take your reading at the 2 wires hooked to the solenoid and it should be between 22 to 26 volts. Good luck and have a great day.


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