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Irrigation/Water Master 57161, 6 station controller


The controller has been running great but now when running on Auto or Manual the programmed valve turns on for a few seconds then turns off and keeps repeating every minute or so.  The power pack voltage is steady, voltage applied to valve is steady (Until it turns off the valve, then goes back to zero at the valve).  I have tried resetting program even removing batteries and completely powering off before resetting program again and swapping valve connections about but problem remains. Problem exists on all controllers and in both A and B programs?

Hey Bob, it sounds as if you might have one of two problems. It could be that the system is running off of a pump, or it has a master valve hooked to it. Check in the back of the controller to see if you have a wire  hooked to the terminal marked pump. If you do, you either have  a pump hooked up that might be turning on and off, or you might have a master valve that is turning on and off. If you do not have either a pump or master valve, then check your voltage at the valves themselves, and see if the voltage is steady at the valves (since the voltage is steady at the controller already). If the voltage is not steady at the valves, then you might have a problem with either the wire running from the controller to the valves, or a wire connection is bad. Good luck and have a great day.


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