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Irrigation/Rain Sensor Connections


Hi Jim,
You helped me out once before and I hope you will do so again.
The last time you explained how to hook up my Toro Wireless Rain Sensor, Model 53770 to my Hunter SRC Plus 9 Station controller.
Well, my controller died so I purchased a 9 station Orbit Controller, Model 57899 and I would like to connect the Toro sensor to the Orbit, but I am confused by the instructions.
Hoping you can clear things up.
I have municipal water.
The controller has (2) 24AC (red) slots
(2) yellow sensor slots
(2) white common slots
Plus the 9 zone slots
The Toro sensor has:
(2) red wires
(1) yellow wire
(1) white wire
(1) copper wire

Hey Tim, so you will hook the 2 red wires from the sensor to the 2 red slots (24 volts) of the controller (one on each). And then take the white wire and put it on one side of the yellow sensor terminal of the controller, and then take the copper(brown?) wire and put it on the other side of the yellow sensor terminal.. The yellow wire will go nowhere. Also make sure you turn the sensor switch to on. Good luck and have a great day.


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