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impact sprinkler or pop ups which is better to use and which one throws out more water??
thank you
Eric h.

Hey Eric, the pop-up spray heads are more precise and do not waste as much water. The pop-up heads normally put out more water as far as the area they cover. For example, lets say you put in a spray head with a nozzle that covers 100 square feet and it uses 1gallon per minute so you are putting 1 gallon per minute on an area of 100 square feet. Lets say you put an impact head in that covers 400 square feet and uses 2 gallons per minute, so this head is only putting 1/2 gallon per minute on an area of 100 square feet, so basically the impact head would put out more water per minute, but less water on the same area. You would have to run the impact heads twice as long as the pop-up heads, to get the same amount of water on the same area. I hope this helps, good luck and have a great day.


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