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Irrigation/Replacing Rainbird RC 7Bi


Hi Jim,

I have verified that the newer Rainbird SST Smart Series controller will replace the older RC 7Bi controller. I'm concerned about how to wire the SST correctly when installing it.

Do you have any advice or something I can follow that directs how to successfully hook the new unit up?

Hey Gary, basically what you need to do, is hook the field wires (the wires from the controller to the valves) up to the new controller exactly as they were hooked up to the old controller. If you look in the back of your old controller, you will notice that there are different colored wires from the controller. The brown wire will be hooked to the #1 field wire. When you take the field wire off of the brown wire from the old controller, mark it #1. In the new controller, there will be a terminal strip, and each screw will be marked #1. #2 etc. Put the wire you took from the brown wire from the old controller (marked #1) and hook it to the terminal screw marked #1 on the new controller. Likewise, Red is #2, orange is #3, yellow is #4. green is #5, blue is #6, and purple is #7. Also you will have a common wire, the white wire in the controller is hooked to your common wire in the field, it is very important that you know which field wire is your common wire. Likewise you will hook this up to the terminal marked C on the new controller. Good luck and have a great day.


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