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Irrigation/Toro Irrigation System Partial Failure


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Irrigation box  

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I have a Toro six zone irrigation system that feeds off a small lake.  After the system was de-winterized, I immediately had a problem with 3 zones.  Two won't activate (zones 3 and 4...which are a pair in the control box) but they will operate if I manually open the valve located in an irrigation box in my backyard and then turn the system to RUN at the control box.

I also have a 3rd zone (zone 5) which initially did not work automatically but did work if I manually opened the valve, now it won't work at all (even if I open the valve and then run the zone via the control box).  

The wires in the irrigation box were connected via DryConn wire connectors which is not as good as a grease cap which I purchased to put on after I fix this thing. The irrigation box is in the ground and will flood in a strong storm.

What I have done and discovered:
1. I clipped all the wires, stripped a new 1/2 inch of exposed wire and re-connected.  That did not help.

2. I swapped the zone 5 and zone 6 wires on the control box then ran the system.  When the former zone 5 wire was plugged into the zone 6 slot, it did not work.  However, in that same setup, zone 6 turned on when it was plugged into the zone 5 so I guess it is not a problem at the box (?)

3. When zones 1 and 2 are turned on, there is no solenoid buzz in the irrigation box; when zone 3 turns on there is a strong buzzing, zone 4 a faint buzzing from the same solenoid as #3, zone 5 a very strong buzzing (different solenoid) and zone 6 no buzzing

4. One solenoid (the one for zone 5) can be unscrewed and replaced (I apparently bought the wrong one or else that would be done already as a test).  The solenoid for zones 3 and 4 appear to be part of the valve casing.  The solenoid for zones 1 and 2 can't be seen but I think it is going to be part of the valve but at the moment those zones operate fine.

I was going to try to go through this using the tester in the second link but have not done this yet:

Fyi, the system is 10+ years old.  It came with the house I purchased in August.  Also, after de-winterizing the valves in the irrigation box were in the closed position.  To manually operate the system I opened the valves and left them open for a week.  Don't know if that was a no-no but I only did that AFTER having the problem with the zones.  Lastly, the pump is working fine in all cases.  

Thanks for any ideas you can provide to fix these 3 zones.  And, curious, can a solenoid be bad for just one of the two zones it controls?  Zone 5 won't operate but zone six runs fine off the same solenoid.


I really appreciate all of your effort before posing a question.  I would be happy to help but I am leaving for vacation and will not return until after May 18th.  If the issue is still unresolved at that time please reach out again and I will be happy to help you sort through everything as my schedule permits.



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