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Irrigation/UTilitech, 2 Horsepower Irrigation Pump does not run.


I have a 2 or 2 1/2 horsepower Utilitech irrigation pump, used for three  years to irrigate from my pond to my half acre garden.  Pond is within 10' of the pump on a vertical 2" line intake.  The pump pushes a 1 1/2" line and runs (16) 1/2" overhead lawn sprinkler heads that spray a distance of 50" each, with all heads in operation.  The water lines are full of water, pump was properly primed and was running just two weeks ago.  I have taken the pump apart.  There is no obstruction to the impeller and the armature turns freely.  However, when I turn on the power, the motor just hums, but the pump does not run.  I tried spinning the pump by hand and immediately turned on the power but the pump does not keep rotating.  The motor hums for a short time and then throws the breaker.  Is it possible I don't have enough voltage/amps to make the pump run.  The pump's electrical feed line is a 30 amp/110 volt breaker and 10 gage stranded wire from the Breaker box to the outlet and switch I have running the pump.  I have the wire run in 3/4" sealed electrical conduit.  Is it possible that a leak has occurred in the conduit and allowed moisture to degrade the elect current?  It the one thing I haven't checked yet.  Or, is there something else that could not working on the irrigation motor itself.

Hey Clifford, we don't deal with pumps, but if you are worried about the electric supply, I would simply run a temporary wire to the pump, and see if the new wire makes a difference or not. It sounds like either the windings, the brushes, or the bearings have gone out if you hear it humming but it does not turn. I would suggest taking it to a pump repair shop, and they can rebuild it for you. Good luck and have a great day.


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