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Irrigation/Toro ecx sprinkler program


I have 6 station models in my control panel. I can turn all six on in manual operation from the control panel. However, when I program for automatic turn on, model 5 and 6 are not recognized during the program mode. The control panel only allows me to program 1-4. I have switched the wires and verified that all manifolds open when programmed. I just can't figure out why zone 5 and 6 are not on the program setting. Is there a reset?

Hey Mark, so this controller has different modules that plug in to the back of the controller if you need more zones to hook up (valves)you put in a new module for the next 2 zones. There should be a plug in module for #5 and #6 (2 zones).This module is what the wires hook to. I would suggest making sure that this module is pushed all the way into the controller, when it is fully engaged you should hear a click. If the module is not properly installed, then your zone run times will only display 1 thru 4 and not #5 and #6 because the controller does not recognize #5 and #6 if the module is not installed right. I am assuming you are talking about the valve run times that are only showing 1 thru 4, and not the start times? On the start times you can only put up to 4 start times for each program. Good luck and have a great day.


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