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Irrigation/One of my sprinkle dose not have water coming out


Hi Jim,

We have a problem in one of our sprinkle.  In zone 1, there are 6 sprinkle included as shape L on front yard.  One of sprinkle in middle dose not have water coming out.  First, we thought may sprinkler broke, we put a new Pop-Up Spray Head Sprinkler, but not work.  We took off sprinkler and see there is a little water coming underground but not lot when sprinkler on.

We also thinking about may pie leak, but this sprinkler in one of 6 plus in the middle of 6 lines.

Could you please let us know any possible can solve the problem?  We appreciate your great help.  


Hey Mary, if just one of the sprinklers on the line is not working, but the rest of them work good, then you have a blockage in either the pipe going to this head, or a blockage in the fitting that this head screws into. First thing to do, is to dig down to the pipe, unscrew the nipple that is screwed into the fitting on the pipe, and look into the fitting and see if you can see a blockage (rock, tree root, etc.). If you see something, then take a screwdriver and try to get it out of the fitting. If you cannot get it out with a screwdriver, then you must cut the fitting out, and install a new one. If you do not see anything in the fitting that the head screws into, then the next step would be to dig along the pipe feeding this head, and find the next fitting (tee, elbow, etc.)  that might be causing a blockage, and cut this fitting out, and see if there is anything blocking the fitting. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution at this point, other than tracing the pipes back, and finding where the blockage is occurring. Good luck and have a great day.


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