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Irrigation/Station 1 stays on when station 2-5 run, well now it changed



After taking your advice I went out and turned on station 6 and checked each and every station.  Nothing would happen even after turning solenoids to any station.  So I figured station 6 is not hooked to any line.

Then I turned station 5 on and did the same as you mentioned in your last answer.  Checked each station by turning solenoid on and off.  NOW the only station that wouldn't turn on was station 2.  All the others would work fine.  Went to home depot and replaced the solenoid for station 2.  Previously I have already replaced the diaphragm for stations 1 and 2, as well solenoid for station 1.

Then I tested each station running in subsequent order on the "run single station" cycle.  Station 1 now works properly and turns on when switching to other stations.  However station 2 will not turn on now at all when switching to station 2.  All other stations would function normally (stations 3,4,5).
The only way I could get station 2 to turn on at all when the computer system was running station 2, was to open the bleed valve just a little bit.  As soon as I would turn station 2 off, it would turn on.  Go to another station and every thing runs well.  Go back to station 2 and nothing (BTW, station 1 is running well now).  Gently turn on the bleed valve cap and station 2 would run fine.  If I turned the bleed valve wide open the water would leak out directly under the bleed valve while Station 2 was on.

So now that Station 1 is fixed, how do I fix station 2?  New bleed valve?  Something else?


Hey Justin, you mentioned that you put a new diaphragm and solenoid on valve #2. I would first make sure that you have installed the diaphragm correctly, and also that the solenoid is wired the right way. Turn off the water to the system, and unscrew the solenoid on valve #2. Now go to the controller and turn valve #2 on manually ("run single station" cycle) You should see the plunger get pulled up into the solenoid. If it doesn't get pulled up, then you either have it hooked up wrong, the wire is cut somewhere, or the controller is not turning this valve on. Check and see which of these things it is, and correct as necessary. If the solenoid is working correctly, then you probably have the diaphragm installed incorrectly, check the diaphragm and re-install. Good luck and have a great day.


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