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Irrigation/Only 1st station works


Cable connections
Cable connections  

Outside panel
Outside panel  
We have HYDRO RAIN HR 6100 (probably 25 years old).  I have set it to run for 1 min/each for ALL 4 stations we have.  It worked fine until now.   

When I start it manually (to test), it waters station no. 1 for 1 min. and then the whole system stops. It does not move to station no. 2.  I tried tightening the cables for all stations but they all look secured and non rusted.   I have attached 2 images.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  

Vilas Khare'

Hey Vilas, it could be the controller, or a problem with either the wire going to the valve, or the solenoid on the valve. First thing to do, is unscrew the screw on terminal #2 and take the wire off. Now try to run each station for 1 minute like before. If the display still does not move to station #2, then the controller is bad and you need a new controller. If it moves to station #2 on the display, then check the solenoid on valve #2 and replace it. If you need a new controller, Install a "Irri-trol" Rain dial controller. They are easy to program, and will last a long time. Good luck and have a great day.


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