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Irrigation/Hunter EC400


QUESTION: My display is all garbled.  What is showing on the display makes no sense, numbers are wrong, upside down or backwards.  I replaced the 9 volt and did the hard reset according to the troubleshooting guide and it didn't work.  Any ideas?

ANSWER: Hey Mary, the only thing I would suggest, is what you have already done. More than likely, either the LCD screen has gone bad, or the micro processor has gone bad. Unfortunately, this controller is not repairable. What I would suggest, is replace your Hunter controller with a Irri-trol "Rain dial" controller. It is a little more money, but will last a long time, and is easy to program. It can also be repaired if it ever goes bad, and does not need to be replaced. Good luck and have a great day.

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QUESTION: is this compatible with the wiring that is already there and can I do this myself.  I've dabbled with a little electric before.  Thanks for your answer, it is what I expected.

Hey Mary, yes it will work with your existing system. The main thing is that when you take the field wires off from the back terminal strip, is that you number them the same as you take them off #1. #2 etc. and also make sure you mark the C (common) wire. When you hook them back up, make sure they are hooked back up to them same #'s  and the common wire is hooked back to the new common terminal. Also, just make sure if the controller is hard wired into your electric panel, that you make sure the 110 volt power is turned off before changing out the controller. You can do it yourself, it is not that difficult. Good luck and have a great day.


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